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Our first litter was born in 2009, we have learned more and more over the years and we do our utmost to raise a litter of puppies with care.
We hope that this will give other people just as much pleasure, perhaps even more pleasure, with the breed, the Border Collie.
When selecting a good parent combination, we look at health, character and sports ability.
In addition to the mandatory health tests from the Border Collie Club Netherlands, we also have extra DNA tests carried out on our dogs to find out more about the parents.
This allows us to ascertain with certainty that the puppies are already free from certain hereditary diseases due to DNA inheritance.
The puppies grow up in our house, are socialized as extensively as possible, both indoors and outdoors.
All puppies receive a pedigree from the Raad van Beheer Nederland, and some litters with ISDS papers.